Anti-static Wool Lint Dust Sticky

Our Clothes Lint Brush is Removes lint, hair, and fluff from clothes and upholstery instantly, parallel to a vacuum cleaner. It Works especially well for coats, wool, flannel and cotton sweaters, velvet and velour dresses, suits, and pants that attract dust easily. Clean your dust collecting couch and furniture or clean your pet hair that’s all over the house, our lint brush will be a great home appliance that you will enjoy.

Dusting Static Brush is a Great feature to reverse direction for lint and hair removal. Dynamically brush in the direction of the arrow for better cleaning results. Whether you want to have this new, neat looking look on your suit, Also great tool for professional tailors or seamstresses to clean away all the dropping thread on fabric and clothing.


  • Style: Manual
  • Usage: Bedding
  • Material: ABS