Bathroom Corner Shower Shelf Holder

Corner Shower Shelf can be rotated 180 degrees, no angle limit, and the right angle flat angle can be installed. Bathroom Shampoo Shower Shelf adopts a hollow-carved design to help drain the base plate and stop accumulating water, bidding farewell to the breeding of bacteria. Self-draining storage for Keep shampoo, soap, and other bath items handy during this style suction shower basket. Tidy up your shower essentials.

There are 4 hooks on the edges of the rack which can be used to hang towels, they can be folded and invisible when not in use. Large capacity is suitable for magnifying bottle shower gel and shampoo, the round lattice is for little plants and essential oils, medium-capacity is for cleaners, lotions, and more.

There is no drilling or requirement for special tools to fit the Shower Basket holder. The Shower Shelf is a wall-mounted, punch-free installation that only needs to be attached to the wall for easy installation.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Two-piece
  • Weight: 550g
  • Material: ABS