Black Marble Design Carpet

Black Marble Design Carpet is an ultra-soft texture not only ensures the perfect comfort of the sole, but it also adds an attractive sense of style to any room and adds a touch of sophistication to any other occasion. Minimalist Carpet is greatly placed on the home coffee table, small dining room, kitchen or entryway, providing luxurious comfort

Simple Floor Door Mat is a non-stick, environmentally friendly, which does not fall off, firm, safe, stylish, and avant-garde design and pattern. It will bring you any living space, unique and eye-catching carpet design, existing decoration, and the best visual impact. This mat is a modern and abstract mat perfect for living room, bedroom, children's bathroom, yoga, resistant reading, etc.


  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Design: Original
  • Decoration Style: Modern
  • Pattern Type: Plaid
  • Place: Parlor
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Thickness: 8MM