Black & White Ink Pattern Carpet

Black & White Ink Pattern Carpet is made of high-quality 100% braided polyester material and it is super soft underfoot and has a natural and elegant look, easy to clean, this carpet can bring effects important and thick. It's very imagining that when a rug is placed between a sofa and a television, or the living room is knotted together, and the last room seems to bring everything together.

Room Floor Decoration Carpet is bringing some warmth and more comfort to the kitchen once the floors are cold and hard. Chinese Style Abstract Carpet looks very beautiful, this carpet is the best choice. It can Also suitable for home decoration, living room carpets, yoga mats, etc.


  • Style: Traditional Chinese
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Design: Wilton
  • Place: Parlor
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Thickness: 8MM