Multi-Function Window Cleaner Rod Wiper

Multi-Function Window Wiper is Suitable for wiping all angles of windows, easy to use, and durable. The head of the scraper can be rotated nearly 360 degrees, which can effectively clean the window without a blind angle. The double-sided brush head, one side cleans, one side wipes water stains. The front side wipes clean, easy to decontaminate.

Double-Sided Window Wiper is dry, removes water stains, can move the microfiber cleaning panel, saves effort, and effort. The brush's head is detachable, suitable for different scenes. The flexible head makes it easy to clean high-rise windows without walking, making cleaning windows a simple and fun thing to do.

Outdoor Glass Cleaner is a high-quality silicone scraper that perfectly dries any flat floor without the need for extra drying with a towel or mop. It is an essential tool for any bathroom, kitchen, and balcony in the home.


  • Style: Squeegee
  • Usage: Window
  • WEIGHT: 694G
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly