Portable Four floors Rotation Jewelry Storage Box

Jewelry box is made of ABS plastic, odorless, durable, and can be easily washed with water. A non-slip silicone pad is added to the bottom of the jewelry box, so the jewelry box placed on the table will not easily move and fall. Since the jewelry storage box can be rotated 360°, we can open 4 layers of storage compartments at the same time to facilitate access to all kinds of jewelry we want to wear.

With 4 floors of larger storage space, you can put different types of jewelry. There is a protective film on the mirror to prevent the mirror from being scratched, and it can be torn apart during use. The edges of the mirror are polished well and will not hurt your hands. Each storage compartment has felt pads to prevent scratches on the jewelry. 


  • Lattice Quantity: 4
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PC
  • Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
  • Load: 100 kg
  • Technics: Glossy
  • Shape: ROUND
  • Product: Jewelry Box